Monday, August 17, 2009

August is All about Emily Month

Kicking off Emily's 4th Birthday Month of Celebration

Some of the Cousins

There's a lot of us, aren't there? Some of the cousins at NguyenFest 09.

Nguyen Family Dinner In

Here's the Nguyen immediate family. What a great looking group we are!

Surf City Playtime

A dazzling day in Huntington Beach.

Grandparents with the Girls

Grandkids in backyard at Huntington Beach. Who are these two old people?

Hawaiian Dancing Trio

Wonderful Hawaiian Dancing from the cutest girls around!

Cul-de-sac Crew

Reunion with our friends from the culdesac! Boy do we miss you! Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!

Uncle Tony's Present

Uncle Tony graciously gave us this cat. Wasn't that sweet?! However, kitty didn't fit in the carry-on bag.

Birthday Party at Disneyland

Princess Emily visits her castle

Birthday Party #2

Auntie Michelle and Emily decorated this cake awesome strawberry cake. Yummy!

Emily Birthday Party #1

Sharing a sunny CA afternoon with friends from neighborhood. Oh, and the GIANT waterslide was great too!